Burn ban lifted as of 9/25/23

Fire District 7 Hires Deputy Chief


Please welcome our newest member of our Administration, Christopher Hutsell, our new Deputy Chief of Operations

Christopher is a Moses Lake native.  He spent 5 years in the Navy as a Combat Search and Rescue swimmer and Naval Aircrewman in Desert Storm. He has worked previously at Grant County 5 and in 1997 he was hired at Kennewick Fire Department. He was a Captain/Acting Battalion  at Kennewick.  He has been an Incident Commander for a type three IMT team, and an Operations Section Chief on a type one IMT Team.

Christopher graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a degree in Fire Service Administration and continued on to get his master’s degree in Executive Fire Administration from ASU.

Christopher is married and with two daughters who are 24 and 22.

We are looking forward to adding this position to the district.