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Car Seat Safety


Children up to age 2 must be properly secured in a rear-facing car seat.


Children ages 2-4 years must ride in a car seat with a harness (rear or forward facing).



Children 4 and older must ride in a car or booster seat until they are 4’9″ tall.



 over height 4’9” must be secured by a properly fitted seat belt (typically starting at 8-12 years old).


Children up to age 13 must ride in the back seat when practical to do so.

Child restraint system must comply with U.S. DOT standards and be used according to vehicle and child restraint manufacturer.

For the best protection, a child should remain in each stage of restraint until they reach the maximum height and weight based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

To view the current Washington Child Passenger Restraint Law

Outside of Washington, laws regarding child safety restraints vary by state. The Governors Highway Safety Association offers a state-by-state overview of restraint laws.